Friday, May 23, 2008

How we take on clients at KinConsult


Someone that can boost my page views and increase my ad revenue. Must be willing to start from the ground up all the site pages of must be optimized in a way that does not interfere with our core business. Looking for innovative tactics for short-term, immediate results, as well as long-term benefits. Compensation based upon results and a fixed fee?

KinConsult can easily answer the call . We can deliver results that make our clients be ahead of the curve in the online game.

We strive to give you what you need:

Any online engagement needs a solid foundation in order to succeed. If you are thinking of building a new site or redesigning your site give us a call so we have the opportunity to impact your site structure right from the start unlike some clients who only consider online marketing after the site launch. Those client that have the foresight to bring us in during the initial planning of the website design or redesign will have an advantage since we shall review wireframes as they are developed, help define requirements for content management selection, and review site code and architecture.
We will assist in preparing internal linking strategies, URL structures, and naming conventions. We also provide training to our client’s staff to manage these steps and processes.

Preparing the proper groundwork ensures that the site will be in good shape and the design or redesign won't harm current search rankings. Nothing sexy about this work, but it can make or break a site.

We Strive to give you want you want:

Online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. So when a client specifically asks what can be done in the short term to make an impact we at Kinconsult usually cringe.

In some cases we can explore social media outlets for a short-term impact that could also have a longer-term benefit. We can look into a Google News feed -- more of a no-brainer. Next, we can guide the creation and optimization of RSS feeds and improve our client's visibility by ensuring you are added to the RSS engines.

We can assist incorporating social media badges on each piece of published content. This allowed the readers to share and disseminate the content on their own. From these tactics alone, we can see a big jump in traffic.

Sometimes we may even give you what you do not need:

We can conduct keyword research and help uncover areas where the client has minimal content and little to no search competition. We can make recommendations around content development and keywords to take advantage of in the space. We also work with on-site bloggers to make sure they are writing for both the readers and the engines, using terms relevant to searchers on their blog posts. Keyword research and competitive landscape analysis is an invaluable tool and we know it can uncover untapped business opportunities.

We strive to take you to the next level:

After a very successful launch we do not rest there we explore online trends for ways to boost your online presence. For example right now consumer generated media is the in-thing.

For example we can assist you to leverage Facebook, we can assist in creating a client profile as another way for our clients to syndicate their content. We recommended this over MySpace or other social networks, as our research shows that the demographics in Facebook is more closely aligned with the Web site demographics of clients we deal with.
In order to get more mileage out of video content, we can assist our clients’ to build a branded YouTube channel of their video library. In hopes of driving a wider reader base to our clients Web site.

This seems a lot huh! But we at KinConsult know that all these tactics are all designed to drive traffic to the site and encourage repeat visits. And residual benefits include additional property listings in search, new connections to the main site, and increased visibility online gets you more eyeballs which am sure will help you drive more business. We will try not to crash your servers because of the traffic :-)

What you as a potential client for KinConsult must know:

We see dramatic increase in traffic and page views overall for our clients.
While our team has does a great job with our current clients. This whole process has to start with YOU knowing when to engage us at KinConsult -- from the beginning of the planning, not when you are ready to launch your site. At KinConsult strong planning up front when combined with an understanding (and somewhat adventurous) client can make for a very successful online marketing strategy. :-)