Monday, June 16, 2008

Very Simple Keyword Discovery Process (VKDP)

A very simple 6 step process on how to come up with relevant keywords for your business. I will use KinConsult as an example in a question and answer format.

Step 1 – (Q) Describe the type of business you are in one word (A) eCommerce

Step 2 - (Q) Describe the type of business you are in two words (A) eCommerce consulting

Step 3 - (Q) Describe the business in any other words without using the keywords in step 2 using the following format:

a. Common synonyms
b. Similar (but not exact) or complementary services
c. Layman definitions
d. Other brands / providers / businesses


a. ebusiness services, online marketing, eConsultancy
b. E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing , online surveys, search marketing, PPC, social media
c. Internet business, online services, internet marketing,
d. Google, Yahoo, ebay, Amazon, constant contact

Step 4 – (Q) Where is the Geographical location of your business (A) USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

Step 5 – (Q) Combine the geographic location with the keywords you came up with (A) Kenya online surveys, Kenya internet business

Step 6 - With the combination of keywords you have come up with plug them into a keyword generator. KinConsult recommends Google Keyword Suggestion

In summary steps 1 to 3 has enabled coverage of the most common and generic keyword and longtail variations based on definitions, alternative keywords, complementary keywords, brand keywords, and competitor name / competitor brand keywords. Step 4 & 5 of the Keyword Discovery Process ascertains the catchment area. Is the business universal, nationwide, regional or local. This then allows one to expand every one of the keyword sets with location combinations of a potential catchment area. Step 6 now allows use of common tools to expand on the keywords above and in a simple 6 step half hour process you have come up with a comprehensive list of keywords. Magic Huh!

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